The monthly 19th District PSA community liaison meeting was conducted via ZOOM on April 28, 2022.  Lieutenant Anthony Ganard of the Philadelphia Police Department (Anthony [dot] Ganard [at] phila [dot] gov) reported on crime activity in the District during April.

Lt. Ganard reported on the aftermath of the fatal shooting near the Tustin Playground on 60th Street on April 11, 2022.  There have as yet been no arrests made.  Gregory Allen of Overbrook Neighbors West (OWN) reported that due to the concerns of neighbors and efforts on the parts of the Department and Councilman Jones’ office, a new set of LED lights has been installed on the playground.

Another shooting took place on the 6100 block of Oxford Street on April 27th; no arrests have been made.

The Department also reports the following:

  • A 4/14 report of gunshots
  • Maryland Road intruder where a rifle was recovered; two males in a Jeep Grand Cherokee who may be connected to the incident are being sought
  • Several break-ins at commercial establishments on N. 63rd Street (two), as well as on the 6400 block of Vine Street and the 1300 block of North 75th Street (one of which, on 4/16, involved the theft of snowblowers)
  • Several reports of thefts from autos of items such as credit cards and ammunition
  • Two domestic disputes involving violence
  • Police removed eight illegal guns from the streets in April
  • Lt. Ganard reported that earlier this month a car was stopped on Upland Way after a purported accident and the driver was robbed of a cellphone.  He believes this is part of a potentially troubling pattern of similar incidents in which drivers are robbed of personal property following “accidents.”  Some of these seem to be associated with an unmarked red tow truck and neighbors are urged to be alert to such situations

The Department also continues to urge neighbors to be attentive to locking their cars.

Two inquiries from resident were fielded; one about beekeeping and the other about illegally parked cars obstructing rear alleys; these inquiries will be referred to Officers Washington and Nance.

Lt. Ganard reminded participants of the availability of the Safecam program ( under which citizens can register their private security cameras with the Department to provide law enforcement with possible visual records of criminal activity which might assist with investigations.

The Lieutenant reminded the participants that reports of abandoned vehicles to 311 are exceedingly backed up.

Mr. Allen of OWN reminded the participants that next month the highly successful (pre-Covid) Overbrook Night Market will take place under the sponsorship of OWN and Representative Morgan Cephas.