Attached are the crime stats for PSA 1 from last month. Generally crime has been down. PSA 1 is the quietest of the three PSAs in the 19th District. Overall crime is down in the city and in the District, however some violent crimes such as shootings have spiked in the past months. There were 84 shootings and 15 homicides in the District in 2018. PSA 2 is where most of the violent crimes have been occurring so it has been prioritized and additional police resources have been dedicated to address this situation. Most of the shootings are believed to be gang related retaliations. Some of the suspects are known to police and arrests are expected.
Specifics for PSA 1 past 30 days:
  • Zero homicides and shootings
  • All assaults reported were domestic in nature
  • 1 robbery with gun
    • 1/08 100 n 63rd, Black male, 40 yo, 300 lb suspect showed gun in RiteAid wearing ski mask
  • 4 robbery no gun
    • 1/04 7600 Brookhaven, 2 males dressed in black punched victim in face and stole clothes and  keys
    • 1/08 6300 Malvern, black male w/ knife robbed someone on Speta bus that was not in service at the time
    • 1/08 1400 76th St. victim punched in domestic robbery (victim knew assailant) 
    • 1/10 1100 63rd  St.  Domestic robbery
  • 11 Theft from autos, mostly unlocked cars
  • 3 stolen cars, 6500 Lebanon, 400 Daggat, 6500 Malvern (car left running)
  • 2 Burglaries, 1/16 1800 Farrington, door kicked in $2500 cash / jewelry stolen
  • Broken down car 925 Flanders presumed to be used to stash/sell drugs will be investigated
There have been numerous promotions and reassignments in the District and PSA. A veteran officer, Sgt. Holtz has been assigned to lead Narcotics investigations. 
We plan to rotate the PSA meetings held 4th Thursday each month @ 7:00 PM to some different locations as we did last year. 
Tentative plan is:
Feb. & March –  St Thomas Church 
April – Rose playground
May – Overbrook School for the Blind
June – Harambee Charter School
July – Cabrini Catholic School
September & October – St. Thomas (Pot luck dinner in October)

Rob Bedford