Hello Neighbors,
Here are the notes from last week’s PSA 1 meeting. Also attached are the crime stats. The meeting was hosted by Lt. Gross.
Lot’s of discussion around the unfortunate and horrific pizza delivery murder in Overbrook Park on 2/26 @ 7600 Woodcrest. Lt. Gross was on the scene and described the crime scene. PPD thinks this was done possibly by people who live nearby and without much planning. The working theory is the criminals were watching the house which was under construction. They knew the contractors would be gone at night. They kicked in the rear door and called Stacy’s Pizza from a burner phone. The call was placed by a female voice.  The delivery man was shot 2 times (side and back) with a 9 mm handgun. He made it out of the house and around the corner but unfortunately died at the scene. A neighbor saw him on the  ground and called 911.  This is a very active murder investigation. Police are encouraging any and all information and leads be reported to the police detectives or crime stoppers. There is a $20k reward for information leading to arrest. Police have increased patrols in the area. There is a collection for the family of the driver if you wish to donate.
Shootings and robbery with gun:
  • 2/20   6200 Landsdowne Ave. Shots but nobody hit
  • 2/19   500 64th st.  robbery w/ gun. Black male 25 -35 thin 5’10” with a cap and black male about same size in gray sweatshirt
  • 2/01  6500 Lebanon Ave store robbery. Owner set off alarm, police caught/arrested the suspects, 22 and 24 year old males
  • Little Ceasars on Lancaster by Overbrook HS was robbed again (now about 8 times) suspect caught by passing off duty police officer!
  • 2/09  800 n. 63rd. st. Robbery w/ gun and car jacking
  • 2/23  6300 Haverford shooting, victim shot 4 times in face and survived, believed to be targeted by other criminals
  • 2/17  robbery w/ gun  6600 Lebanon

Three burglaries:

  • 2/21 stolen motorcycle
  • 2/22 @ 6000 Wynwood
  • Homes being burglarized and cleaned out early hours by small crew with work van
  • Police are investigating suspicious work vans/ box trucks in the neighborhood to prevent further burglaries
  • four stolen cars in PSA 1
  • 15 theft from autos (almost all unlocked) side note -we had several TFA in Greenhill Farms this week so lock your doors and report  to 911 suspicious characters who may be trying to see if car doors are unlocked or are on someones’ driveway suspiciously.
Reports of person harassing the congregation at the Presbyterian church and preschool on corner of Lancaster and City Ave.
Reports of a suspicious person in Overbrook Farms who is ringing doorbells carrying a pizza box. He stated to  some residents he did work on the block and didn’t get paid. Call 911 if he approaches your house. He is a thin black male in 40’s with salt and pepper hair.
Shootings are up in the city and the PSA. Police have added 18-20 foot beat officers and bike officers. Most of these are deployed in PSA 2 where the shootings are more frequent.  Police are deploying “Intelligence Based Policing”. This entails collecting and analyzing more data. The where, when, and what for in all crimes. District has 2 dedicated analysts to this effort and has resulted in more warrants being issued and arrests being made.
Representative from Rep. Morgan Cephas office requested more police presence in and around the office and commercial corridor on Lancaster Ave.  due to an increase in incidents and with generally more angry people coming into the office. Truck parking remains an issue along the corridor and in the familiar locations around the PSA (5900 Columbia, 5900 Haddington) that have been reported on regularly. Police will issue more tickets and tows to repeat offenders.
Report of homeless encampment on 68th and Lebanon & Malvern. Police will patrol and investigate.
Next meeting is 3/ 28 @ 7:00 PM at St. Thomas. April meeting will be at Rose playground and May will be at Harambee School on 66th.
Rob Bedford