1. PSA Meetings will be rotated to various locations starting with the April meeting. Here are the various confirmed locations:
April 26 Rose Playground
May 24 St. Francis 405 n 65th
June 28 Fellowship Christian 6101 Oxford St.
July 26 Outdoor meeting Overbrook School Blind
2. Stop sign needed at Malvern and 64th St. (near School for the Blind)
3. The 2 way traffic on Oxford between 67th and Edgemoore Rd. is dangerous because the street is too narrow. There is only room for one car. Cars are going on the sidewalk or backing down the street. Recommended to bring it to Josh Cohen’s attention in Curtis Jones office.
4. Truck parking on Lancaster Ave. is problematic. Police are ticketing offending trucks. They will be removed if repeated violations. One truck is hiding his VIN # but the police have identified him from previous citations.
5. Complaint of open air drug sales on 54th and Berks in front of the coffee shop. This happens almost every morning. Description given and police will investigate. This is near the school zone.
6. Overbrook High mid day truancy/loitering in Tustin Playground is a problem. Kids are smoking weed, causing mischief and vandalizing some cars on the block. Police will patrol during the school day.
7. St. Joe’s security officers will be invited to participate in future meetings again. (Greg and Rob to follow up with SJU).
8. Philly spring cleanup April 7th. springcleanup.org and Philly more Beautiful April 14th. Get involved and your block can get free brooms and rakes, etc. which can be kept and used through out the year to keep your neighborhoods clean.
9. Discussed organizing all the local community organizations to increase participation in the PSA 1 meetings and to better communicate and get involved across community boundaries to improve our entire PSA 1 vs. only focusing on our specific neighborhoods.

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to the meeting and to Lt. Wardlaw and Ofc. Johnson for representing the 19th District. There was no Crime Bulletin distributed this month but Angela distributed the crime stats prior to the meeting.