Here are the notes from the PSA 1 meeting.
  1. Phil Sheau brought up the traffic situation on Sherwood and the 71st Street no right turn. Lt. Wardlaw is going to increase patrols and enforcement of the traffic laws including speeding, no right turns and stop signs.  The police will write tickets.  This comes with the caveat that while traffic citations are important they are lower on the list of law enforcement priorities. Lt. Wardlaw invted me to do a ridealong with him on Friday night. We drove the area and  I pointed out the trouble spots. Also police enforced the no truck parking on Lancaster and on 63rd St. He had tickets written for the offenders on Lancaster. However the tractor trailer parked on 63rd was not technically in violation because there are no visible signs on that block (next to Morris Park) exactly where he was parked. The truck was clearly over the painted white line and creating a traffic hazzard because visibility is obstructed and the truck is clearly in the roadway to the point cars cannot pass safely during two way traffic.   There are several “no truck parking” signs on Morris Park Road and further down toward Sherwood.  But not where the truck was parked. I believe there were signs along the park at one time. I will investigate with Philly 311.

2. Illegally parked trucks are a problem throughout the PSA (see #1).  Especially along Lancaster Ave corridor and around 77th    & Brookhaven.  Greg has found some success getting on the shift role call to alert the police of offending trucks so they can be ticketed. Suggested we get with City Council to try and increase the price of an illegally parked truck ticket in these problem areas. Right now the ticket is only about $100 so not too big a deterant to these large trucks. More a just a cost of doing business so they disreagard.  Also suggested we start a Nextdoor page so neighbors can document the offenders by taking pictures and tagging police, city council and politicians who can address the problem. 

3. Problem with cars going the wrong way down the one way at the Overbrook Elmentary School at 62nd & Lebanon. Tough to have police wait to catch offenders but they will try to increase patrols during school dismissal hour.
4. Problem with parties on the golf course at 77th and Brookhaven. There is a hole in the fence that kids are using to enter the golf course for these parties with loud music,  alcohol  and drugs use. Some cars dropping off five or six kids at a time. Parks and Rec. Dept. has been notified. Hole in the fence needs to be closed. Patrols will be increased.
5. Problems with parties and illegal dumping on 7300 block of West End at the back end of Morris Park.
6. Drug sales going on at locations familiar to the police on Simpson St. and at Woodcrest Gardens (14111 N. 76th St.)  Patrols will increase and laws will be enforced to address the problem.
Next month’s meeting will take place at Cabrini Roman Catholic Regional School (former St. Dinatos)  @ 405 N. 65th St (at Callowhill).  Attendees of the PSA 1 meeting felt it was a nice change to  rotate the meeting to Rose Playgound this month and to the other locations in the coming months.  All are welcome to attend.
Rob Bedford