• Sgt. James Russell and Officer Bill Murphy represented the 19th District.
  • Parking of Tractor Trailers in the PSA is still a problem in several locations. Capt. Sanford has reached out to the Traffic Enforcement Division (Truck Enforcement Group). They are working with the 19th officers to identity offenders and enforce the parking regulations. Specifically areas of 76th and Woodbine, along Haverford Ave., 5700 Dunlap, 59th and Haddington and also along Lancaster Ave.
  • Sinkhole reported on 66th St.
  • 2 handicapped parking spots on 6035 Clifford Terrace are being occupied by relatives of handicapped folks who are not handicapped who have passed away. It is a problem on the block which needs attention.
  • Frequently mentioned Good-times Bar on 66th had a stabbing. It is known by police and patrols and enforcement are being stepped up.
  • Selling drugs from car parked 927 Flanders. Drugs being stashed and sold from the basement of house on 900 N 67th.
  • ATVs and guns also a problem in this area. Police cannot chase ATVs and dirt bikes on the streets because of the fear they may hurt innocent pedestrians and motorists. They can stop them if they can get them when stationary….i.e. at a gas station or parked. These vehicles cannot be licenced for use on city streets so all of those you see are illegally operated. It is a problem for officers because their hands are tied.
  • Sgt. Russell reported the  NETS Teams (Narcotics Enforcement Teams of plain cloths officers ) has been suspended until more officers are trained. These officers paroling the known drug areas are now all in uniform. However, there is still a central PPD Narcotics Squad that works the entire city.
  • Violent crime is down in the city by 10%. Burglaries and property crimes (non violent) are flat.
  • remember to lock cars, don’t leave valuables in sight in car, cut back overgrown shrubs, bring in trash cans/papers etc. for neighbors who are away on vacation.
  • You can tell the 19th District if you plan to be away on vacation and they will announce at roll call and patrol to keep an eye on your home if they know you plan to be away this summer. Tell trusted neighbors if you plan to be away and leave lights on in the house.
  • The road-rage incident on City Ave resulting in a flipped car and injuries was witnessed by several folks.  The suspect turned off his lights and got away when witnesses went to help the people who were injured. Police looking at video but no suspect at this time.

July PSA 1 Meeting will be held at the Overbrook School for the Blind on 7/26 @ 7:00 PM. Will be held outside if the weather is nice. All are welcome to attend.

Rob Bedford