• Lt. Gross lead the meeting
  • Pauline shared the NOAH (Neighbors of Overbrook Assoc.) are holding a “protect our kids from lead poisoning” awareness event on 9/18 @ 7:00 PM at Papa Rec. Center 68th and Landsdowne. The area has been tested at 8x the normal lead dust level due to the old Presby Church fire in 2016 and former lead smelting plants operating years ago. Flier attached.
  • Pot luck at the October 26th meeting. Sign up next month to bring a dish and enjoy the last PSA meeting of 2018 along with friends and neighbors!
  • Get info about Overbrook West Neighbors Assoc  info [at] overbrookwestneighborsassociation [dot] com
  • Discussed abandoned and broken down cars. They will be removed after 48 hours if inoperable (even if they have a registration sticker) But need to be obviously inoperable such as flat or missing tires, etc. Call 911. Several have been removed since last meeting.
  • 200- 300 Block of Simpson St. has been named a ” stationary beat”, meaning patrol cars will sit there as a deterrent and a visible resource unless dispatched to a more important call. This is tied directly to the community voicing concerns about the crimes being committed in that area by non-residents brought to the attention of the 19th District at our PSA 1 meetings.
  • PSA 1 crime trend is down overall however there have been recent shootings at 59th and Landsdowne believed to be two local street gangs. A special city wide unit has been dispatched with address the problem. Victims have not been cooperative.
  • Shootings at 57th and Media last Monday and 59th and Oxford outside Chinese food place near Overbrook High.
  • Call Ofc. Vanessa Washington the 19th District Community Relations Officer to address vacant property issues/ tall grass/ excessive trash, etc.
  • Discussed the tractor trailer illegal parking on Lancaster Ave and 76th and Woodbine and the illegal right turn from City Ave onto 71st in the mornings. Lt. Gross has assigned two officers to patrol and write tickets in both locations. The Officers are Tillman and Gallow so give them a wave when you see them next week!
  • People frequently running stop signs at 63rd and Lebanon and 65th and Malvern. Also a job for Tillman and Gallow!
  • Angela compiled this list of neighborhood associations so interested folks can easily learn how to get involved in community efforts. She also compiles the crime reports every month. Thank you Angela!
  • Next meeting is Sept. 27th

Have a great Labor Day everyone!

Rob Bedford