The meeting was moderated by Lt. Gross.

  • 7/07 aggravated assault with gun, 1600 Robinson, 2 black males, 5’8″ and 5’9″ with hoodies rang the bell and asked for someone who didn’t live there then forced entry with a gun. nothing taken.
  • 7/07 robbery w/ gun, 200 63rd St. 2:00 am, 28 years old, 6′ black male with black t shirt and beard brandished a silver handgun, iPhone stolen.
  • 7/12 Malvern and Lancaster trolley stop, 1:45 am, fist fight, black male 20’s wearing jeans took $40.
  • 7/06 500 63rd, two seperate apartments buglarized, TVs furniture, cell phones taken.
  • 7/13 5800 Malvern garage broken into motorcycle and tools stolen.
  • 7/13 900 63rd, 11 year old woke to see TV being stolen. Two black males dropped the TV and ran from apartment at 2:30 am. 
  • 7/14 900 65th, worker installed security system @ 10 am, returned hours later to activate and system was stolen.
  • 7/05 7600 City Ave fireworks pod was burglarized (Keystone Fireworks).
  • 7/09 6000 Drexel Rd. Copper pipes stolen from business (Drexel Hill Association).
  • 7/09 6300 Lancaster,  St. Thomas Church break in. Alarm went off so 3 burglars did not get past the basement windows, nothing stolen.
  • 7/18 200 Simpson, shooting 1:26 am, people we sitting on the porch, captured on the police cameras, black male was shot. Victim is not talking to police. 
  • 7/14 7400 Landsdowne Ave, 3 kids on bikes aged 10 to 14 wearing ski masks showed black handgun and robbed man who just finished playing golf.  (yes, the ages of the robbers is thought to be between 10 and 14).
  • 7/22 7500 City Ave Popeye’s Chicken drive through window was smashed and register was stolen containing $500 sometime overnight hours.
  • Lt. Gross reports many illegal firearms were confiscated in the District last month.
  • Quads and illegal street bikes are being targeted but police are not allowed to chase them on the streets.  There is a special police detail that targets areas know to have lots of these vehicles. They are being confiscated.
  • Illegal truck parking along Lancaster and in the PSA remains an ongoing problem. Police will continue writing tickets. Call 311 if you see a ticket on the windshield and the vehicles can be towed but only if it has already been ticketed. ( can’t ticket and tow at the same time apparently. If owner removes the ticket it can’t be towed the same day. It can be ticketed again however)
  • Lt. Gross will have the bike cops check Morris Park again regarding the homeless reports but they found nobody living in the park in June. 

Next meeting is August 22nd at Overbrook School for the Blind. Enter off Malvern there is a lot (across from the convent).

Sept. and October meetings are back at St. Thomas. October is the pot luck dinner!

Submitted by Rob Bedford

August 2, 2019